Just when you think someone has changed they end up showing you that they’re exactly the same asshole they always were. I always need a reminder to never re hash the past.


Prepping myself for intense change. There are 8 days until my last day of work and 9 till I’m on the road once again. An overwhelming feeling of nervousness, anxiety, and sometimes self doubt has come over me. The fear of leaving so much comfort, the wonder if I’ll succeed in my endeavors, and the change of season.
I know I am ready and this is absolutely what I want in my life, though anxiety is hard to shake until the day is actually here.
I’ve randomly been spending time with an ex-lover, too much time and exchanging words like ‘love’. It’s foolish of me and I should be spending time alone. I have to leave it behind. I have to leave everything behind now.
No looking back.

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