Amazing days.

Been at a farm in Mendocino county the last few days. It’s so wonderful being in the forest, time is slower here. Time for yoga and sunbathing, playing fetch with the dog and picking tomatoes from the garden, trimming the harvest with a glass of wine and dancing to silly music in the living room with friends. I could be in a place like this forever, though the journey must continue.
I’ve crossed paths with my best friend from high school who I’ve not seen in years, and now her and I are completely on the same level with political beliefs and feminism, it’s amazing and I feel closer to her than ever! So we will be heading north to Olympia today, though slowly. I plan to stay with her there and continue my road trip with a home base in the middle. After that if I like Olympia it’s possible I’ll stay and set up a home, then come back to Mendocino for the harvest month.
So much stimulation! Though I’m happy for everything.


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